We have a passion to craft amazing digital experiences

Our roots lie deep in the Finnish bedrock while our mind is global. We combine the Nordic business culture with expertise of top notch engineers whose skills are forged on the shore of the Mediterranean Sea. We work side by side with our clients on the frontier of digitalization by challenging them with our passion to exceed their expectations. We heat up your software development!
Founded by two Finnish friends who wanted to create something new to meet the needs of the modern software development. As people and technology are close to our hearts our humble goal is to build the best working place in Croatia for awesome people. We say happy Programmer – happy Client.

Our solution

We bring you code from Croatia with a nordic twist.

Our Developers with diverse backgrounds have 5-10 years of experience in building heavy-traffic web applications and scaling distributed infrastructures. They have a solid knowledge of various programming languages and frameworks. In the Sauna the word agile means much more than just “scrum”. Some of their favourite practices are Clean code, Pair programming, CI/CD and TDD to mention a few. Our toolbox is defined by the challenge we want to solve. We choose carefully the right tools for each project to maximize the user experience.


We hire only open minded talent which also applies with their attitude towards technology. In our tool box you can find among others all modern Javascript frameworks, JVM and Python. 

Join the heat!

Our humble goal is to build the best workplace in Croatia.

At Software Sauna people comes always first. Our humble goal is the build the best workplace in Croatia. Come along to build the future and your dream job. We are always looking for exceptional talent and new friends to join our tribe.

We think that flexible working hours, possibility for remote work, equipment of your choice and many other things should be given in every IT company. Obviously we provide many other things beside them because we care about our people.

Probably the best salary on the market 😉

Private healthcare

Additional pension fund

Continuous extreme learning

Trips to abroad

Free refreshment
and snacks


Cool swag

Gym membership

Burger & pizza Fridays

Software Sauna
Pale Ale

Sold! Where do I sign up?

Check our open positions or call us to find out more about us!
Open positions

News from the sauna

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