Results from the sauna.

Anders has been working with Software Sauna for some months now and is looking forward at expand the cooperation. Their consultants are working remotely as part of our development team, delivering a backend API which integrates with various third-party services. They have also built a responsive web client, using among others Python, React, Redux and Docker. We have been very satisfied with their professionalism and working methods. Also communication with their consultants has been very easy and transparent.

– Mikko Kivistö, Managing Director

Software Sauna has been helping us with design and development of the new UI from the very beginning of the project. The main purpose has been to transform interface of the product into a new one. Also at the same time to improve the current functionality and give a face lift for the product.
We have received a great input from Software Sauna’s consultants and our own developers have also been able to learn new technologies from them. The consultants have shown initiative and been easy to communicate with.

– Analyste Oy

Software Sauna’s team that integrated custom web components with the existing content platform was highly competent and followed a well adjusted agile processes. This made the cooperation smooth and transparent.

– Mika Viskari, CEO

I had the pleasure working with Software Sauna on a web service we were building for Talented. I was positively surprised by their professionalism and ease of work. Especially as they delivered the work in Ruby which they were not familiar before. Pretty much all work was done remotely and there were no problems with communication.

– Tuomas Jomppanen, CTO