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We are a lean and agile software development house with a passion to craft amazing digital experiences for our clients.

Our roots lie deep in the Finnish bedrock while our mind is global. We combine the Nordic business culture with expertise of top notch engineers whose skills are forged on the shore of the Mediterranean Sea. We work side by side with our clients on the frontier of digitalization by challenging them with our passion to exceed their expectations. We heat up your software development!

Founded by two Finnish friends who wanted to create something new to meet the needs of the modern software development. As people and technology are close to our hearts our humble goal is to build the best working place in Croatia for awesome people. We say happy Programmer – happy Client.

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We enable our clients to reach the next level in their digital business.

We provide Full Stack software development in an agile modern web and mobile technologies. Our development team in Zagreb operates as your remote team according to your current needs – you have a possibility to lease talented individuals or entire teams.

We want to cure the chronic lack of experienced developers in the market and enable our clients to reach the next level in their digital business with our solution. Not to forget the quality which is our fundamental principle.

Our Engineers with diverse backgrounds have 5-10 years of experience in building heavy-traffic web applications and scaling distributed infrastructures. They have a solid knowledge of various programming languages and frameworks.  Some of their favorite methodologies are Clean code, Pair programming, CI/CD and TDD to mention a few. Our toolbox is defined by the challenge we want to solve. We choose carefully the right tools for each project to maximize the user experience.

We speak fluently a lot of languages such as Croatian, English, Finnish, all Javascript dialects , JavaPython and many more…

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In the heat of Sauna we forge clean code with a great respect to each other and our clients.

Sauna is a substantial part of Finnish culture and it is treated with a great respect. With that respect we want to treat our people and clients. The door to our Sauna is always open for talented individuals who are willing to challenge themselves and others. Continues learning from each others (also from mistakes), open communication, freedom and responsibility are basics of our culture.

In Sauna everyone can undress their uniform and be themselves equally. We value team work and discussion – everyone is encouraged to share their own opinion. Normally quiet Finns are opening their heart in sauna, so we also share all company information to our employees as we have no secrets. Sauna is a perfect place for friends to share their time together, so bad jokes are more than welcome even in the middle of sprint to make the work day better. In “after wörk” we refresh our minds and souls together building even stronger team spirit for the future battles.

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Our humble goal is to build the best working place in Croatia.

Both Croatia and Sauna can be very hot places, but we welcome those who enjoy the heat! At Software Sauna the heat is a synonym for teamwork, friendship, commitment, work-life balance and zero hierarchy. We are doers who know that after a hard work it´s time to chill as rested mind leads to better creativity and clean code.

We are always looking for exceptional talent and new friends to join our tribe.

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